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Why do I have so few followers?


So I’ve been getting this question a lot and I just want to address it for anyone else that’s curious. The reason I have so few followers are 2 things:

  1. I don’t update my Instagram as much as I should, I’ve made the excuse to not update due to my busy schedule. But I have to get on it, I’ve made awesome contacts and gotten leads for jobs though Instagram. Content creation is king and people crave content.
  2. I delete, block and report all my fake followers I had I think about 3K and I kept deleting them and reporting them to the point that I only get 4-5 fake followers a day now, mostly russian sex bots and fake follower gain bots.
  3. Maybe my content sucks?

In any case I’m a firm believer of having only active people follow me, if you don’t like or comment on a post of mine in 6 months, I will kick them ¬†off my follower’s list or just simply block them. ¬†Honestly I rather have a small group of people that are into my photography (and soon to come videos) who will creatively criticize good or bad (as in how to improve), my content than have a billion followers and 10 likes on my photo.

There are 2 methods to remove a follower, I use a combination of 2 depending on whether the follower is human or a bot.

  1. If its human I make a list of several followers, after reviewing their activity on my profile. I set my profile to private and begin removing them. When you set your profile to private your can kick a human follower, they can still find you on Instagram. Which is better than blocking in this case, because you can always win back that follower that may be interested in your future and new content.
  2. If its a bot I just simply leave my profile in public and just block them and report them as soon as they follow me. I think if you report them it automatically blocks them for you. If its a human that has followed me again (after kicking them) and hasn’t liked or commented on any of my new content, I just end up blocking them permanently. Giving them a nice New Jersey vacation.


I believe its important to have a healthy and real ratio of followers to like/comment percentage. I think for most brands and businesses its embarrassing to have 10 million followers and only 10k comments and likes combine per photo consistently and when you look at most of the comments although it looks like real people the comments have no correlation to the photo or caption (bots).

Well that’s basically it and as for the large number of following I’m slowly but surely getting that number down as well, I will keep influencer’s around just to study them and have a bookmark of who I want to work with, but for the most part I have an app that informs me of unfollowers, so I can unfollow them too and block them. I have no patience for people that play around that stupid follow and unfollow game.

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