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Kamlan 50mm F/1.1 APS-C Prime Lens Review

So I went on to buy this lens knowing some of its defects and more as an experimental lens. I bought this e-mount to go on my Sony a6300, its a completely manual focus lens. I think if Kamlan can fix its entire blurry field not in focus from being a muddy hazy mess it might be a keeper. Unfortunately even with editing at f/1.1 for most applications it might be completely useless and definitely not for professional work. Now that being said at around f/4 it begins to really pick up in sharpness not only at the center but towards the edges as well. It is a very decent 50mm prime lens for under $150.

The build quality seems good, it is quite heavy in comparison to the kit lens and it seems to be made out of aluminum, only time will tell if it does really hold up. But for now it seems it can survive a drop or 2.


Below are the photos compressed in .jpg “raw” and “edited” taken at f/1.1



Now this is at f/10

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